Services we perform

Axle housing work

Axle housing narrowing prices: $250 to narrow a front or rear housing. $150 to only do one side. Shave a axle housing for greater ground clearance.$300 To cut off all the shock mounts and spring pads. $100

Axle resplining

Send us your axle to be cut a resplined. Pricing is only $65ea or $100pr most axles.Change bolt pattern starts at $40ea. Cut in C clip groove $20ea

Hummer wheel recentering

We do recenter customer supplied wheels. The process goes like this. We cut out the old center on the milling machine, jig weld in the new wheel center, bead blast the wheel, and primer it. All this for $125ea and that includes the new wheel center. To add the steel ring to the outer lip adds $30ea or if you would rather go with the laser cut rock ring then that adds $65ea.

Output shafts

If you have a custom application where your output shaft needs to be cut and resplined we may be of service. Most cases the output shaft will need to be re-heat treated because the factory heat treating is very thin. For cut, repline, and heat treating they are $200. For just cut and respline they are $140.