Steering components

Double ended and single ended steering rams

Our double ended and single ended steering rams are made in any length you need. We offer DE rams in 2" ID and 2.5" ID from 6" to 10" and everything in between. 2" ID rams in 6", 6.5, and 8" are $299 with clamps. Other lengths are $30 more. 2.5" rams with a 8" through are $350 with clamps and all other lengths are $40 more. Our 2" rams feature 1.250 shafts and our 2.5's have 1.500 shafts.
We also build dog bone links for the steering to connect to the knuckles. They are 1.750" 7075 aluminum with hex flats to put a wrench on and threaded for 3/4 heim joints. Priced at $200pr for any length up to 30" total.

Ram info

All are rams are made from 6061 with anodized caps and hard anodized bodys. This keeps are rams down to about 1/2 the weight of are competitors.