Sway bars

DOM steel link bars

We build DOM links and tierods to fit your needs. Tierods are most often made from 1 1/4x.281 wall tubing. 4 link bars are most often made from 1 3/4 or 2" x .250 wall tubing with weld in tube adaptors. Price depends on length and size.

7075 link bars

Our 7075 link bars can be made of 1 3/4 up to 2 1/2 dia. material. They come cut to length, threaded to fit your needs, wrench flats milled on them, and have a nice brushed finish. Price depends on length and size.

Our swaybars are made from 1 1/8 heat treated 4340 or 300M from 30" on up. The link arms are made from 1"x2" 7075 aluminum for strength and they're light weight and the pull arms are swadged 6061 aluminum. For added safety the swaybar has a snap ring groove to ensure the arms can't come off if they come loose. The whole kit consists of 1 bar, 2 link arms, 2 pull arms, 4 heim joints, 2 laser cut 3/8" weld on tabs, 2 bushings, and all the bolts and spacers needed. $385 for 4340 $495 for 300M.