Small products page

We stock laser cut tabs that are simple in design and can be used for what ever you can dream up. The 1/4" tabs start at $2.50ea and the 3/8" start at $3.50ea. This photo is just a small sample.

Laser cut tabs

Our high/miss spacers are built form DOM steel tubing. We build them in two widths. The normal heim miss width and a wide width. The wide width allows you to remove the heim and go to a rebuildable joint or up size the heim later. $4ea to $7ea depending on heim size.

High misalignment spacers Standard or wide

Alignment jig set for either full float or semifloat are available. Shown is the FF set with the FF jigs made from 7075. I also make them from steel. The carrier pucks and semifloat pucks are mae from 6061. Carrier pucks and semifloat pucks range from $65 to $75pr. 7075 FF jigs are $150 for 1 or $250pr. Steel FF pucks are $120 for 1 or $200pr. The jig bar is 1.5" precision ground, chromed, heat treated steel and goes for $180. A complete set with carrier pucks, 7075 FF pucks and jig bar goes for $450. Semifloat set with jig bar goes for $300.

Full Floater jig bar set.
Alignment bar not shown

D44 Drive flange caps

 Billet Dana 44 drive flange caps. These are O-ring sealed and made to replace the stock steel cover. $39.95pr.

Example of our 1/2"x1/2" spacers. These can be used for shock spacers or as busings. $4.50pr